“Emotions rise to such a pitch that it would be easy to ignore what amounts to an extraordinary technical accomplishment... and the labors of editor Geoffrey Richman... are almost too exhausting to contemplate.”


“The filmmaking is as strong as the subject matter, with an elegant structure. And that's something that can't be said of every entry in this nonfiction boom...”

       -Entertainment Weekly

“It's the best sports documentary since ‘Hoop Dreams,’ a great piece of work."

      -Washington Post

“Fast-paced and fluid... The game sequences, many shot at wheelchair eye level, are as viscerally thrilling as they are concise.”

     -New York Times

“Quinn's is a gorgeous looking film, briskly paced and well-edited...”


“Quinn always seems to have his camera in the right place at the right time, thanks in no small part to cinematographer Paul Daley's vibrant colors and Geoffrey Richman's crisp editing.”

      -Hollywood Reporter

“Simply one of the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen... Intelligent, heartbreaking, uplifting, humorous and reverent, the film is an adventure in what it means to be human.”

     -Film Threat

“In this sense ‘Sicko’ is the least controversial and most broadly appealing of Mr. Moore’s movies. (It is also, perhaps improbably, the funniest and the most tightly edited.)”

      -New York Times

“In a summer of dumb, shameless drivel, Moore delivers a movie of robust mind and heart. You'll laugh till it hurts.”

     -Rolling Stone

“Sicko is Moore’s best film: a documentary that mixes outrage, hope, and gonzo stunts in the right proportions”

    -New York Magazine

“A wise and soberly affecting documentary... As big and richly complex as the United States itself.”

      -New York Times

“Brilliantly captivating.  An invaluable portrait of us-and-them America, a smart, generous, poignant, quietly disturbing movie.”

     -LA Times

“This is highly sophisticated non-fiction filmmaking.”


Interview on Apple’s Pro/Video site


“Eco-activist documentaries don't get much more compelling than "The Cove... Superbly comprehensive and cut together with forceful clarity by editor Geoffrey Richman."


“The footage is edited tautly by Geoffrey Richman.”

      -Hollywood Reporter

“Wow. Just wow. This is easily one of the most powerful, heartfelt, and (yes, I'll say it) important 'nature' documentaries I've ever seen. ”


“Adtroitly assembled by the award-winning editor Geoffrey Richman, the movie’s many interviews and interests interweave seamlessly.”

   -New York Times

“A devastating and highly engaging documentary. (Best of Sundance ’09)”


“My faith in filmmaking was restored when I saw what may have been the most powerful documentary in the festival, The Cove.”